Record Producer
Jeff McCullough / Tree Hill Media
   "You took the music from my
  dream and made
          into a reality"...
                         - Andreas, Seattle CA
  Engineering, Arranging, Producing, Mastering, Dream Making

Audio Demos

Listen to some of our music samples and you'll hear why artists around the globe are choosing Tree Hill Media to give them the sound they need.

  • Pop Music Demo (mp3) 
  • Smooth Jazz Music Demo (mp3) 
  • Reggae Music Demo (mp3) 
  • Christian Contemporary Demo (mp3) 

Music Video Demos

Watch and Listen to some of the artists that have been recorded, produced and mixed by Music Producer 4 Hire at the Tree Hill Media studios.


"Not This Time" and "Nunca Más" by Olivia Bonilla.


 "I Wanna Be A Princess" by Mary Desmond.

"The Christmas Song" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" were filmed in studio at Tree Hill Media.

"Reveal" was filmed in studio at Tree Hill Media and on the steps of the California State Capital
at a recent performance by three of Music Producer 4 Hire's artists.